Tim Crahart Blues Band – Biography

Tim started playing the guitar at age 14. Originally starting on the Bass, he soon turned to lead guitar. He was initially influenced by the rock bands of the time but happened across a documentary about Eric Clapton, a Tina Turner TV special with Robert Cray guesting on guitar and saw the film ‘Crossroads’ and his interest in the Blues was birthed.

In the following years there was a revival in the Blues with Clapton showcasing his Blues Nights at the Albert Hall, Gary Moore releasing his ‘Still Got the Blues’ album and Jeff Healey astounding everyone with his unusual guitar technique.

Whilst playing in a local pub-rock band, Tim continued to master his Blues guitar playing and song writing. However, in 1994 he eventually decided to make the change and switch to forming a Blues band. This was the start of Tin Pan Alley. He recorded three CD’s with them; ‘All Mixed Up’, ‘Live and Unmixed’ and ‘Working For a Living’. Whilst with the band he opened up for Nine Below Zero, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Todd Sharpville and Eddie Martin.

In 2002 Tim felt it was time to shift his priorities. He left Tin Pan Alley to focus on leading worship in his local church and to give more time to his young family. In his spare time he also did something he’d always wanted to do, which was to master the art of solo acoustic Blues guitar. It was at this time that he began to delve into the world of Gospel Blues and the music of Blind Willie Johnson, Rev Gary Davis and Son House. Tim continued to do the occasional gig in this capacity.

At the end of 2005, Tim was prompted by Deb, his wife, to start performing again. This led him to briefly joining the band Fixa, a Christian Alternative Rock Band, in early 2006. There he met Harvey Philpott. By the end of 2006 Tim had gone on to form Evaburn, a Christian Rock Band with a focus on worship but with a Punk and Alternative edge. He recorded the CD ‘Three Flights’ with the band, which by now had Harvey on the Drums. The Band went into long-term hiatus in 2010 following the departure of Colin Howells on Bass.

At the same time Tim had started jamming with Harvey and Andy Long, who he knew from Jazz Band ‘Close Quarters’. Andy was the most experienced member of the band and had recorded with local Christian Rock band 3rd Day Rising. Originally a side-project for a bit of fun, it soon became apparent that this could become the main band for the three musicians.

It was important that if the band was going to become their main focus, it had to be more than a band. It was at this point that everyone felt  that the band should retain a Christian edge and this was easily applied through the adoption of a number of Gospel Blues tunes which Tim had already identified in his solo acoustic Blues guitar days, as well as being evident in the songs which he had started to write. The band also took a stance in the kind of covers they would play. They took the decision not to play songs which would compromise their Christian beliefs, so out went the usual Blues songs about getting drunk, cheating on partners and shooting people, in favour of songs which were in line with the honesty and integrity that the band would become known for.

The next issue was the name; what were they going to call the band. In the hope that some people may remember Tim from his days with Tin Pan Alley and his Solo Blues gigs, they decided upon the Tim Crahart Blues Band.

Since the bands birth in 2010, they have recorded three CD’s, played several local festivals, blues clubs, pubs, churches and even a home for Older People, had tracks played on the radio in the UK and USA, been interviewed for Cross Rhythms Radio and played at the Greenbelt Festival.

The band plan to continue recording and gigging; so check out the CD’s available on the Music page and their upcoming gigs on the Live Dates page, if you want to experience them first hand.


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