First studio day for new blues album

Read Andy’s blog about the first recording day for the new album “Blues Like A Prayer”.

Andy Long Bass Player

coverWe started work on the third Tim Crahart Blues Baay, at Red Rock Studios, near Pengam.  I had intended to tweet throughout the day with progress reports, but the lack of serviceable wifi in the valleys put the mockers on that one, so instead here’s a short blog about the tracks that will be on the album and how we got on today.

As with our two previous albums, “No Drinkin’, No Cheatin’, No Shootin’” and “Isaiah 61 Revisited, we prepared and rehearsed the new material thoroughly, so that we can progress things very quickly once we are in the studio and keep to as much of a live feel as is practical.  The new album will be titled “Blues Like A Prayer” and brings together our usual mix of original compositions and classic gospel blues given a fresh feel.

There are eleven band…

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